About Our Core Sites

The Irrigation Development Support Project (IDSP) is a World Bank funded infrastructure development project being implemented under the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA). The project is currently being implemented in three Group one sites (Core Sites), namely: Lusitu in Chirundu – Lusaka Province; Mwomboshi in Chisamba – Central Province; and Musakashi in Mufulira – Copperbelt Province.  In view of the impacts related to the implementation of projects at each of the sites, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments were undertaken and safeguards documents were generated to guide the management of environmental and social impacts arising from the implementation of the project.  These documents include the Environmental and Social Impacts Assessment (ESIA) Reports; Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs); Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs); Abbreviated Resettlement Action Plans (ARAPs); and Grievance Redress Mechanisms among others.

Subsequently, this page contains safeguards documents developed for each of the sites. The said documents bring out the potential impacts identified at project conception and proposed measures to mitigate against the potential environmental and social impacts.